Facebook Status of the Day

Jan 26, 2011

My four year old just opened up the backdoor and screamed, "Holy guacamole! It snowed!!"

I don't know if I should laugh because he said, "Holy guacamole" or be disturbed because he clearly does not understand what snow looks like!

Activity Tree Website

As you all know, I have 3 young children and I am constantly worried about what they eat.  Is it healthy enough?  Am I promoting good eating habits?  Will they gain weight as they grow older because I haven't taught them how to eat nutritously?  You get the idea.

So, I was happy to come across a website called Activity Tree which is committed to fighting childhood obesity.  They also concentrate on promoting a active lifestyle for kids - using  both their bodies and minds. 

The neat thing about this site is that parents can go on there and type in their zip code to find kid's lessons, classes and camps in their area.  You'll find contact information for these groups, links to their websites, maps and detailed descriptions of their activities.

They also promote a Get Kids Active! Facebook Campaign which helps parents get their kids to become more active using the medium of social networkings.  Kids can pass along planned activity ideas, take fun polls and find and share new activity ideas.

Finally, I realize that many kids and families can't afford extra-curricular activities, so this site also offers scholarships.  There are two ways to apply for the scholarships.  One is to apply for kids' scholarships on the Activity Tree page and the other is through their facebook page, using the link: scholarships tab.

Make sure to check out this site if you are interested, like me, in keeping your kids fit!  They only have one life - let's make it a healthy one!

***This blog post brought to you by your friends at http://www.activitytree.com/

Facebook Status of the Day

Jan 24, 2011

Sometimes I like to post a recent Facebook status I put up -  just because I think it'll make you smile.

Here's one from two days ago:

I said to my four year old son tonight, "What do I love being?"

The correct answer: "My mommy."

He replied instead with "a good hooker."

At least, that's what I THOUGHT he said.

After I picked my jaw up off the ground, though, I realized he'd said, "A good COOKER!" :-O

Engraved Pen Website

Having my own blog, with my own logo, I am always looking for new products that "carry" the name Savvy Moxie.  I recently came across another great idea that I'd like to share with you.  It's a website that makes custom promotional pens.

The site is called Amesterdam Printing and they sell laser-engraved pens.  If you're looking for a way to promote your business, this might be a great idea for you.  People always use pens - and if you're  like me, you are always looking for one that works!  What a fun way to have your company's name catch the eye of a potentially new customer. 

If you're looking for something a little less expensive, they also make and sell personalized pencils.  I know when I was a kid, I used to LOVE having pencils with my name on it.  Maybe your child would get a kick out of that, too.

***This post brought to you by your friends at http://www.amsterdamprinting.com/

Mommy vs. A Dog

Jan 22, 2011

The kids and I were driving in the car last night when the subject of having a dog came up.

"Mommy, when are we getting a dog?" my four-year-old son asked me.

"Never," I told him.

"But why?" he whined.

"Because Mommy is allergic to dogs," I reminded him.  "They make me sneeze and they make my eyes itch.  Thus, we are never, ever getting a dog."

"But I want a dog!" he continued on.

"Listen," I said to him.  "You have a choice.  You can either have Mommy or you can have a dog, but you can't have both."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"What I mean is that, if you get a dog, Mommy can't live with you.  So, if  you want a dog, Mommy will have to live somewhere else.  Or, we can just not get a dog and Mommy can keep living in the house with all of you."

There was a silence in the car for a few moments and then I heard him crying.

"What are you crying about?" I asked him, getting frustrated with this whole conversation. 

"But Mommy," he sobbed, "I'm just going to miss you so much!"

Great DEAL Websites

Jan 17, 2011

Every morning, when I wake up, I have a whole bunch of emails waiting for me from the best "deal" websites out there.  I'm sure you are all familiar with Groupon by now, but did you know that there are many others and they, too, offer you FABULOUS daily deals?

I want to compile a list for you with the sign-up links to that you, too, can be taking advantage of these great offers.

Groupon - Click here to sign up for their mailing list.  I've gotten some great deals from them, such as half price deals at restaurants I love, inexpensive movie tickets from Fandango, $35 hour-long massages, $9 oil changes, etc.

2.  Adealio - Click here to sign up for their mailing list.  From them I've gotten $2.50 Regal movie tickets, $30 for one-hour massage deals and a great deal on a haircut.

3.  Living Social - Click here to sign up for their mailing list.  They have some fabulous deals and a few I've purchased.  I've seen great ones for restaurants we enjoy, laser hair removal and spas and even boat rentals.

4. Mamapedia - Click here to sign up for their mailing list.  This is a new one I just signed up for and I did so because they were offering an AMC movie ticket for $4! 

5. Buy With Me - Click here to sign up for their mailing ist.  They've had some great dental deals, golf packages and a facial deal I purchased for a friend.

6.  Crowd Savings - Click here to sign up for their mailing list.  I signed up with them to purchase a $1 large pizza deal they had going a few months ago.  They also ran a great deal to the local bouncie house that I purchased. 

I hope you sign up with each and enjoy getting so many great deals sent to your inbox every day!

Diet Pill Website

My high school reunion is coming up in June and, I don't  know about you when you attend your reunions, but there's a little extra "baby weight" I'd like to lose before I show up there!  Thus, I have been exploring my options for doing this.

I came across a website that specializes in diets and diet pills.  They not only provide information on the best diet pills, (the ones that are the healthiest and most succesful), but more importantly (to me, that is) they supply you with information on best and most popular diet foods, such as blueberries and cauliflower.

They also review a ton of diet plans that are out there, such as the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers and South Beach.  I've always been curious on how they compare.  Now I can find that information in one central location.

So, if you're looking for the best weight loss diet pills or the most efficient diet plan for your body, check out their site.

***The blog post brought to you by http://www.100diets.com/

Austin Roofing Company

We've been in our house for over 10 years now and we are already beginning to think about the inevitability that we will need a new roof. It's a daunting thought.  The cost . . . the effort of finding a trustworthy company . . . it's exhausting to think about.

So, I was happy to come across the website for NTBS, Inc.  The are an Austin roofing company which does both residential and commercial roofing. They service Austin and the surrounding areas, such as Bee Caves, Lakeway and Dripping Springs.

They have been in business for as long as we have been in this house and they seem to specialize in customer service.  In addition, if you're just looking for an Austin roofing repair company, and don't need a whole new roof, they do that, too.

So, if you're looking for a roofing contractor in Austin, you might want to check them out.

***The blog post brought to you by your friends at http://www.ntbsinc.com/

FREE Blockbuster Express Movie

Jan 11, 2011

Use the code ESU11B to get a FREE movie at Blockbuster Express!

Coupon code good until Tuesday, January 18!!!


Hanson Wholesale Website

One of the best features, we though, when we bought our house was the gas fireplace! For the first few years, we used "real" logs to build our fires and, let me tell you, that is "really" a lot of work!  Thus, it wasn't too long before we moved onto using gas logs and we've been much happier every since!

If you are in the market to get some vented gas logs (or unvented ones, for that matter), I came across a website called Hansen Wholesale.  They guarantee they have the lowest prices on the internet.  They only sell R.H. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs and were the first dealer to display gas logs online back in 1994.

And, you all know me, I'm always looking for a good deal.  Currently, Hansen Wholesale has a special offer going: They are offering a $75 additional discount plus no sales tax and FREE shipping. (No sales tax applies to all gas logs and the free shipping applies to complete gas log sets under 36" in the continental USA.)

Thus, if you are interested in getting some logs, even outdoor gas logs, I'd check out this site.  You will likely find a great deal!

***This blog post brought to you by your friends at http://www.hansenwholesale.com/

$25 off $25 Purchase at Garden's Alive

Jan 5, 2011

If you sign up to request a Garden's Alive catalogue - but clicking here - it should come with a $25 off a $25 purchase coupon. 

Happy Gardening!

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