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Sep 10, 2011

Is it just me or have you noticed that the scrubs your doctor, or nurse, or hygenist wears are all much more stylish these days? I never used to see them them in anything but a pale blue (or, of course, the teddy bear version some of the nurses wear at the pedicatrician's office!), but now I notice that everyone looks so much nice in them when I have an appointment at the doctor or dentist.
I may have figured out where they are getting them from. I found a website called Blue Sky Scrubs that sells attractive looking nursing uniforms. They carry designer styles for both men and women. I had a fun time looking through all the designs. I don't wear scrubs, but if I did, I would certainly feel much better in these versions of the uniform!

So, if you are looking for somewhere to labs coats, check out their website. I bet you'll feel a lot better about yourself and how you look at work! BTW: They even have some ADORABLE fun scrubs for kids!

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Save 11 Cents a Gallon on Gas at HEB

Sep 8, 2011

If you live near an HEB gas station, you'll want to get in on this deal.

From now, until October 31, 2011, if you buy an HEB gift card and then, use it to purchase gas at an HEB station, you'll save 11 cents a gallon.

And, in my experience, HEB is usually one of the cheapest places to get gas to begin with.

I know that I need to fill my tank about once a week, so my plan is to put on a gift card as much as I usually spend on gas and then, use that to purchase my gas for the next 6 or 7 weeks.

Just make sure to swipe your card BEFORE you fill your tank!

Click here for more details.

Signs for Your Business

You know, there's a lot that goes into the making of a great office or business - the paint colors, the furniture, the accessories.  Those are the easy ones to name.  But, what about the signs?

Every business and office has unique signage, but, until recently, I never really gave much thought to who creates this eye-catching letters and words.  It turns out, one company that does is called Impact Signs.

They make all kinds of signs - from metal logos, to those made of brass, bronze or even etched into glass.  You can get whole signs or simply individual letters to hang on your lobby or office wall.   They will even install them for you.

If you're creating a new business, or have an old one that needs some perking up, I'd check them out!
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