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Aug 12, 2011

I just got some great advice from my friend, Lynda, and I thought it was worth sharing with all of you.  I just followed it.  (Got my daughter a backpack at LL Bean for $18.99 with free shipping.)  Her backpack (from Staples) last year didn't even last through Valentine's Day!

Here's Lynda's words of wisdom:

Land'sEnd ( is having a sale on backpacks and lunchbags = 20% off
Also, LLBean ( is having a sale on backpacks as well (Not all of their backpacks, but a good selection. Anywhere from 11-22% off). And they are offering free shipping on all orders.
I bet you are wondering why "always looking for a good deal" lady is emailing you about these 2 sales. Well, b/c sometimes paying a little more saves you money in the long run.
I understand that you can go to Target or Walmart and pay $10 (or maybe less) for a backpack.  I did that every year.
Last year, I decided to spend the $30 and buy my son (who was going into 4th grade) a backpack from Land's End. My hope was for it to last 4 years. (I know, I know... I dream big!) He used that backpack every day for school -- carrying this big ol' binder + books almost every day.
Well, I pulled it out today. It had a hole in the lining -- I could put my hand through the lining into the mesh bag on the outside of the backpack. I called Land's End. Both Land's End and LLBean guarantee their products basically for life. After a very pleasant conversation with the Land's End rep, they are mailing a new backpack to me. In the package, there will be a pre-paid shipping label so that I can return the old backpack to them.
I know I couldn't have done that at Walmart or Target.
It's something to think about when you are shopping for backpacks/bookbags.


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