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May 25, 2011

My husband came home last week and told me he did a little shopping at lunch.

If you knew my husband, you'd know how shocking that was.

He hates to shop.  And, he really hates to spend money.

But, he came home with three pairs of gym shorts and was all excited about his purchase.  Why, you ask?  Because, apparently, he bought them at Goodwill.

But, not just any Goodwill.  Around the corner from his office, they just opened a Goodwill Outlet Store.

I know. I didn't know they exist either.  But, apparently they do.

He said to me, "You should go check it out.  It's right up your alley."

Now, I wasn't so sure about that.  I tend to dislike Goodwill for a myriad of reasons, but . . . I did know someone for whom it would be "right up her alley."  So, I gave her a call and last night, once the dads were home to watch the kids, we set off to explore the new store.

I don't even know how to put it into words.

Let's just say, if you like thrift stores and garage sales, then you will just LOVE this.

Let's start with the prices.

Everything - and I mean everything - is $1.39 a POUND!

Yes, that's right.  They WEIGH your items on a big, truckstop-like scale.

When you walk in, there are shallow bins lined up in neat rows.  NOTHING is organized - not by gender, or size or even adult/child.  You really have to go digging.  We saw a guy wearing gloves to reach into the bins - that might not have been such a bad idea.

They also have houseware items, toys, books, CDs, etc.

All is just $1.39/lb.  Except, I learned, the books.  Because books can be heavy, they are either $1.39/lb or just $1.39 each - if they weigh more than a pound.

So, what did I get?  A bunch of stuff.

Four books, clothing items for my sons, including a jacket, and an Ann Taylor skirt for me. 

The total?  $9.74

My girlfriend got some great deals, too.  She left with a cart full of stuff and paid about $13 for hers. 

The best item found?  A pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans in perfect condition - which, of course, were too short on me - as if most everything-  but fit my friend perfectly!  At most, they cost $2, I'd say, by weight.

So, if you live in Austin, I'll tell you this store is off Burleson and Montopolis. 

And, if you don't live in Austin, you can click here to find the nearest Goodwill outlet store to you (you can search for outlet or distribution centers).

Happy shopping!


Lisa said...

This is such a great find. I'm goin to the Austin airport today and will for sure be stoping by the Goodwill outlet after. Thanks!

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