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May 5, 2011

A few months ago I got an email from a friend that would revolutionize the dinner-making process in my house.

She told me that she was a part of a "dinner swap" group and had to drop out because she was moving a little bit too far away.  Would I be interested in taking her place?

I have always wanted to particpate in dinner swapping, but never knew where to begin a group - or find one already established.  Thus, this was a total blessing!

So, for those of you who are asking, "What IS a dinner swap group?" - Let me tell you.

It's a group of women (8 in our case) that agree to make 8 family-size meals each month.  The same meal.  Eight times.  Then, on the first Tuesday of every month, we get together to "swap" our meals with the other seven ladies.

Each woman gets one of our premade, frozen meals - and we keep one of our own meals for ourselves.

So, when we leave there, we have seven different meals, plus our own.

Our group has a blog called "South Austin Frozen Entree Swapers." You can get to the site by clicking here.

There is a very detailed explanation of how it all works - in case you are interested in starting your own swap group.

I LOVE it. Love it. Love it.

It saves me so much time!  True, the day or weekend that I spent making my eight meals can be a bit "hairy."  My kitchen is a mess and it takes some time and planning.  However, the rest of the month is made so much easier by the process!  Not only do I do less cooking, I do less grocery shopping, too!  I have even started making our family a few extra meals (besides the one I'm supposed to keep for us) so that I am building quite a freezer of stored meals.

I was so happy with the group, today, that it inspired me to write this post! I worked at a local high school and, as I was about to run out the door, I remembered I didn't have dinner planned. So, I ran to the freezer, pulled out a meal and let it defrost on the counter.  I knew I'd just have to heat it up when I got home - which I did - and it was a big hit with all my kids!  Since I used paper plates, clean up was a BREEZE and I was able to spend time snuggling with my kids on the bed after dinner instead of cooking late at night, feeding the kids quickly and rushing them into their beds.

I hope you check out the site and consider joining or starting a group of your own.

I bet you won't be sorry!


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