Chick-Fil-A Ice Cream for Kids' Meal Toy

May 11, 2011

I almost feel silly writing this blog post because I tend to think that most people (at least, most MOMS) already know this little tidbit.

But, I am writing it nonetheless for those of you out there who have never heard this fact (i.e. my husband who just discovered it this weekend.)

When your child (or you) gets a kids' meal at Chick-fil-A - if you/they do NOT want the toy/book/CD that comes with the meal, you can take the item back to the counter and trade it in for a dish or cone of ice cream.

I LOVE this option because I do NOT need any more little annoying toys around my house.  And, my kids love getting a dessert as a special treat with their meal.

Thus, if this news to you, I hope you take advantage of it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I didn't know that!

Anonymous said...

I just learned this as well and my daughter is 3.5 years old. Good to know!

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