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Apr 20, 2011

If you are my Facebook friend, you know that I was DEVASTATED last week when I walked by our local Picture People and saw their door was padlocked with a note from the mall saying they had not paid their rent.  After some investigating, I found out that this is a common 'trend' with many Picture People studios across America and there are no longer any in Austin.

I am a Picture People 'regular.'  Seriously. I've gone there whenever I had a newborn. I take photos there in May, July and October for my kids' b'days.  I take each kid there separately at Halloween to get photos in their costumes (I can't handle taking them all together!)  I go at Easter time for photos in their Sunday clothes.  The whole family goes in December for our Christmas card photo.  I have even been known to go for Valentine's Day.

I had plans to go there this Good Friday for Easter photos.

And then they CLOSED!!!

I began to have heart palpitations.  What was I going to do???

A friend of mine came to my rescue.  She's a photographer (who had taken a few great photos of Jordan at her last piano recital) and she offered to give me a great price to do a family shoot this past weekend.

So, I gave her a "shot."

Boy, am I happy I did!

And, boy, if you live in the Austin area, you're going to be happy I did, too.

Because, not only did she take FABULOUS photos of me and the kids, she's offering an INCREDIBLE deal for my readers!

Are you ready for this?

She's offering a 'mini-session' for $30!!

What does that include?  A 30-minute photo shoot.  (That's how long ours was and it was MORE than enough time with my three precocious children!)

In addition, that includes a CD of 10 images with full-print release (so you can print them on your own).

OR, if you'd prefer professional prints, she will give you a 20% discount on the price of them.  And there will be no pressure tactics!

I PROMISE that you will NOT get a better deal on such fantastic professional photos than this!

Make sure to pass it on!

But, you have to mention SAVVY MOXIE when you contact her!

And, you don't have to schedule your shoot by June 30, 2011, but you have to contact her by then!

Click here for her blog.

And contact her at

Enjoy!  You won't be disappointed!


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