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Mar 22, 2011

Most of us don't give too much time to the thought that our identity could be stolen.  After all, it'll never happen to us, right?

But, what if it did?  How horrible would that be?  My husband and I taught a financial class last semester and while teaching, we learned that if your identity is stolen, though you are not responsible for any of the charges, it will take you, on average, 800 hours of legwork to straighten out the mess.

Eight HUNDRED hours!

Who has that kind of time?

Recently, I was made aware of a website called IdentityHawk.  This site offers a comprehensive identiy theft solution, which includes such features as getting a current risk score to determine how vulnerable you are and receiving emails to let you know when something suspicious is noticed on your accounts.

If you're looking for identity theft protection, check out their site.  It was designed to help people safeguard their assets, investments and, most importanly, their good name!

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