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Feb 16, 2011

As my children, especially my 8-year daughter, get older, I'm beginning to think about their access to what's on the internet.  Obviously, some fabulous resources can be found on there - for any age.  But, on the other hand, there is some dangerous material available at just the click of a mouse.  How do I give my child access to what I find acceptable and yet keep her away from the less-than-desirable sites?

Thus, I was so relived when I recently learned about a service which allows parents to have control over their child's internet access and monitor what is viewed on the home computer - by using an internet parental filter.  The site is called Filter Guide and they provide internet software from various companies, such as SafeEyes Review.  These software packages allow you to block things like porn, chat messages, nudity and personal information.

Another company that offers a similar system is NetNanny Internet Filter Software. You can get it for Macs or PCs.  Not only can you filter what your children have access to, but you can also put limits on how much time they can spend online!  I like that idea.

I know that as my children grow, and spend more time online, I will be investing in some sort of internet filter!


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