Mommy vs. A Dog

Jan 22, 2011

The kids and I were driving in the car last night when the subject of having a dog came up.

"Mommy, when are we getting a dog?" my four-year-old son asked me.

"Never," I told him.

"But why?" he whined.

"Because Mommy is allergic to dogs," I reminded him.  "They make me sneeze and they make my eyes itch.  Thus, we are never, ever getting a dog."

"But I want a dog!" he continued on.

"Listen," I said to him.  "You have a choice.  You can either have Mommy or you can have a dog, but you can't have both."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"What I mean is that, if you get a dog, Mommy can't live with you.  So, if  you want a dog, Mommy will have to live somewhere else.  Or, we can just not get a dog and Mommy can keep living in the house with all of you."

There was a silence in the car for a few moments and then I heard him crying.

"What are you crying about?" I asked him, getting frustrated with this whole conversation. 

"But Mommy," he sobbed, "I'm just going to miss you so much!"


Annette W. said...

Oh my goodness!! Save that one for a scrapbook!!

Elsa B. said...

Hilarious!! Well, at least you know where you rank. Our dog is, in my husband's words, "our family's center of gravity."

Suzy said...

Goodness... This sounds like my son. Kelly... How is it that our kids have never met. And yet, they sound so much a like?

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