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Dec 22, 2010

Last year, I did two blog posts about how I was able to retrieve all of my Facebook statuses and cut and paste them into Word (click here for the first post).  I feel like my statuses do a really good job of documenting my entire year - thus, it was as if I had kept a "diary" - of sorts.  I love that idea!

Last year, I used an application called "My Year in Status."  A few days ago, I went back to that site to do what I had done last year - pull up all my statuses and cut and paste them. I was sorely disappointed by what I found. 

First of all, not all of my statuses were available - most of January and February (except 3 statuses) were missing.

Secondly, I could not longer "copy" my statuses.  It just wouldn't allow me to do it.  Since I have hundreds, if not thousands, of statuses, I certainly was not about to retype them all - thus, I had to find another program.

And, I did that.  The new application is called "Archivedbook."  Not only did they seem to have ALL my statuses, they also had my statuses from the last six months of 2009 (in case you didn't get them last year). 

I was able to copy them and paste them into Word - they took up 141 pages!  YIKES!!  I had a lot to say this year!

I hope you all enjoy saving your statuses and making your own diary of 2010.  I know I'll be glad to have it for years to come


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