Flexible Careers for Moms

Nov 8, 2010

As you probably know by now, I am a mom who stays home with her kids, but also works a BUNCH of part-time jobs to bring in some extra cash.

I have been really, really fortunate to find employment opportunities that pay well, allow me to use my BRAIN, and help me work around my kids' schedules.

Thus, when I find other companies that are doing the same for women and moms out there, I need to pass them along.

Moms Corp is a company that provides moms the opportunity to find great FLEXIBLE employment.  Employers post on their job board and potential employees can search through the job openings.

They are not in every city yet, but they are getting there!

Employers realize, when they post on this site, that the people searching for work NEED to be flexible.

Click here to sign up with them (it's FREE) and look for work!

Let me know if any of you find any good jobs!


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