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Sep 13, 2010

Do you ever find that your child (or children) bring home homework that you, the parent, don't understand?  It's embarassing and frustrating to not know how to help them!  For me, math is the biggest problem!  I was an English major, what do I know about adding fractions or graphing linear equations?  I barely passed Algebra 2!

Well, I have found a website that may just be an answer to all our prayers!  It's called Tutor Vista.  You can type in a question into their website, regarding things such as 4th grade math and they will help "tutor" you online!

The tutoring program costs $99.99 for all subjects - not just math - and students can use the service 24/7 - as much as they need to!  There is a free demo available for new users. 

So, next time you or your child need to find the formula for volume or are feeling overwhelmed by 5th grade math in general, check out their site. 

*** This blog post brought to you by your friends at http://www.tutorvista.com/


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