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Sep 3, 2010

My two youngest children attend a Spanish-immersion school.  My older daughter, Jordan, also attended there and for the past three years, since she's been in elementary school, we have had a Spanish-speaking high school student come over, about four hours a week, to speak to her in Spanish and make sure she, too, grows up bilingual.

And then there are me and my husband.

I took French in high school.  (That doesn't do me much good in TEXAS, but it did help me ask for the restroom when I went to France in college.)  My husband took German - so, unless we're ordering sauerkraut, his knowledge is pretty useless, too.

But, who has time to take Spanish lessons when you have three little children - not to mention, PAY FOR THEM!

I have a solution, though!! 

It turns out, the BBC offeres FREE language lessons online!

You can take a FREE 12-week course in either Spanish, French, Italian or German!

They also offers other audio and video courses in the four languages.

And, from waht I hear, they can give you help in learning more exotic languages such as Chinese, Russian and Greek.

Sign me up!!  Pretty soon, I may be able to do more in Spanish then just ordered my enchilados and tacos! :-)

Click here for the website of lessons.


Chris said...

Kelly, this rocks - I may be going to work for a company HQ'd in Paris, and while I too took the almost-useless-in-Texas language of French in high school and college, I need to brush up on it. I'll check this out and see what it offers!

Kelly Seiler said...

Great! So glad to help! Maybe we'll be fluent someday! :-)

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