A Bad Dream and a Plan

Aug 30, 2010

About a month ago, I had a really bad dream. I dreamt that I was driving in our minivan with my grandmother, Mimi, (who actually passed away years ago) and my two-year-old son, who was in the very back row.
For some reason, our car plunged into a body water and immediately, it was clear the car was about to go under.

What do I do? I looked at my elderly grandmother, and then back at my baby. How do I save them both?

I did what I thought was the best plan. I told my grandmother that she wouldn’t be able to get the car door open until the car was fully submerged. Once it was, to push it open and swim towards the sky. I had to get my baby out of his carseat.
It was at that moment I woke up. Breathless, shaking, wanting to cry.
What a horrible nightmare. I haven’t been able to forget it.
And then, a few weeks later, I saw an article about how difficult it is to get out of a sinking car. How painful it is to wait for the water to equalize both outside and inside the car.
There goes that plan.
The article, though, did go on to say that you should have a hammer in your car that is designed to break the car window - in situations just like the one in my dream.
So, I’m going to post the link where you can buy one of these little “gadgets.” A friend of mine (thanks, Kim) found them on Amazon. I am buying one for each of my cars.

I don’t know why I had this dream – or why I feel the need to post this information for all of you. I pray none of us ever need this hammer.

But, if we do, I bet we will be VERY happy we planned ahead!

Here’s the link to the hammer.  This one comes with a mounting bracket.

They also sell a two-pack which is a little cheaper.

If you don't want the mountin bracket, this option may be better for you.

All of these hammers also come with recessed seatbelt cutters.


Kerry - AllThingsforMom said...

Great idea! I have this fear for some reason & was looking for something similar. It's nice that it has a mounting bracket. I keep something that is supposed to do that in my purse but I think I'd have a hard time fishing (no pun intended) through my purse to find it.

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