75% Off Some Over-Counter Meds at CVS

Aug 4, 2010

My daughter has sinus issues and so she often develops a bad cough.  As a result, I always need to have a stash of cough medications in our house.

I realized I was running low and headed out to CVS this morning to get some more.  When I got there, I found that many of their over-the-counter medications (CVS brand and name brands like Dimetapp and Triaminic) are on Clearance 75% off. 

They weren't in the Clearance section.  They were in the regular medication aisle with 75% off tags.  I got many for about $1.47!

They had adult medications, too - cough, cold, runny snose, stuffy nose, etc.

Head over there if you need to stock up for your family!


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