Staples Changes Ink Recycling Program

Jul 29, 2010

I am happy to say that I am not only going to pay NOTHING for school supplies this year, I am actually going to end up "ahead." 

I have been turning in my used ink cartridges at Staples and receiving $3 per cartridge in store credit.  I have accumulated $39 thus far.  Yesterday, I went to do our back-to-school shopping this year.  Combined with their sales, I purchased nearly everything on the school's list.  In addition, three of the items had rebates attached to them.  Thus, not only did I shop with my "free" store credit, I am also expecting to get $25 back in either the form of a check or some more store credit.  Yeah!

The sad news, though, is that, while I was there, I learned from the cashier that Staples has changed their store ink cartridge policy.  Starting this month, they will only be giving $2 per cartridge.  I guess they were losing money by giving $3.

It's still a good deal to get $2 for an item I would have just thrown away, but I'm sad that they've lowered the amount.


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