Sonic's New Drink Prices

Jul 13, 2010

I was driving by a Sonic last week (and then another one today) and they both had a big banner outside saying that all large soft drinks and iced teas are now 99 cents. 

I couldn't find anything about this online, but I imagine they are trying to compete with McDonalds who now sell all of their drinks (no matter which size) for $1. 

I am, personally, very happy about this news.  When I'm in "need" of some caffeine, there are always numerous Sonics around but it seems, in Austin, very few McDonalds.  This will make my life easier (and a little cheaper!)

The sign did say something that prices do not apply during Happy Hour.  I'm not sure what that means . . . maybe because drinks are 1/2 price during happy hour from 2-4 PM, they are saying that the drinks aren't half of 99 cents . . . ???




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