9 Pairs of Name Brand Sunglasses for about $15

Jul 29, 2010

If you missed this deal last week, it's BACK!

Go to Gravyard Mall and today's deal is for 9 pairs of namebrand sunglasses for $9.  With shipping, it comes to about $15.  (They say that retail price of all pairs about be $179.99.)

I just got mine last week.  Here's the post about it.

It's anyone's guess what kinds of sunglasses you'll get, but I've heard from others that the one they got were also all really nice.

And, since I pay $10-$15 for sunglasses (that my kids constantly break or lose) at Target, even if I just get 1 or 2 pairs I like, then I'm ahead!



marilisa said...

Love your site and so do many of my friends - any tips on dishwasher safe labels or band for kids cups? I was surprised at how expensive they are at stuck on you and Inchbug...

Anonymous said...

Got my set - loved 4, 3 were ok for spares and gave 2 away to friends. This was a great deal!

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