FREE Stuff for Good Grades

Jun 14, 2010

My friend sent this information to me this weekend.  (Thanks, Lynda!) 

The following businesses give out FREE stuff to your kids for good grades!

Make sure to call your local business to make sure they participate before you drag your kids down there (and they end up disappointed)!  And don't forget their report cards!

■Chick-fil-a offers a free 8pk. of nuggets if your child had all A's and B's.

■Pizza Hut offers a free personal pan pizza and soft drink with at least 3 A's.

■SBarro offers a free slice of pizza and soda to elementary students with A's and B's, as well as a free slice to one parent.
■McDonald's offers a free Happy Meal with all A's.
■Krispy Kreme gives one free doughnut per "A", up to 6 total.
■Chuck E. Cheese offers 15 free game tokens with all A's and B's.
■Limited Too offers $5 off that day's purchase with all A's and B's.

■Blockbuster offers 1 free "family" rental for all A's.

■Baskin Robbins offers one free scoop of ice cream for A's and B's.


Julie said...

They don't give out A', B's, C's etc at Rooster Springs (at least in kindergarten they don't). It's all E,S,N. Does an E count as an A?

Kelly Seiler said...

I imagine. In AISD they give out 1, 2, 3 and 4 with 4 being an A.

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