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May 6, 2010

Okay, usually I shy away from sites like this because I'm not sure if they are a scam or just one big hassle. 

But, when a friend recommended it to me and said that she had signed up and was participating (Thanks, Michele!) I decided to research it.

If you sign up with Opinion Place (which is owned by an AOL company), you will be matched (demographically) with surveys to complete.  According to their site, once you complete a survey, you can choose to be compensated by either "® gift cards, PayPal® credits, AAdvantage® miles, an entry into their monthly $1000 sweepstakes, or if you pay for AOL services, we can put your reward on the credit/debit card that is associated with the master screen name you provided AOL.  If you qualify for and complete an Opinion Place survey you will typically receive $1.00 to $5.00 in gift cards, $1.50 to $ 5.00 in AOL or PayPal credits, or 75 to 150 AAdvantage miles."

You can take a survey once every 7 days.  Most surveys take 10-15 minutes.

I read a number of reviews and they were all good.  Click here to read one.

It seems the one downside is that you have to log in every week to find to fill out a quick prescreen survey to see what you may qualify for, as only some are emailed to you - thus you need to be proactive.  If you don't qualify that day, you can try again the next day.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, though, click here.


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