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May 10, 2010

I just came across a new (to me) website.  It's call GoFoBo and this is how it works:

It seems that many movies do a "sneak peak" screening the week before - and you can get FREE passes to it.

Go to the website by clicking here.  Then, create and account.  You have to wait for them to email you your account confirmation and that took me about an hour yesterday.  Once I got it, I logged on and clicked on "screenings." Then, I typed in my zip code and searched for what screenings were nearby.  Letters to Juliet in Austin was doing a screening yesterday, on Mother's Day, and my parents, my daughter and I were planning on going anyway. 

Some of the screenings (in various theaters) had already given away all of their passes, but I found a few theaters which still had tickets and I printed out my FREE passes.  You can print up to 4 passes per theater.  I printed out passes to 3 theaters and gave away the extra 8 passes to friends.

Now, these passes do not guarentee you a seat.  It's "first come, first serve."  The first 100 passes get in and they give out more than that (I'm not sure how many) to make sure to account for people who don't show up. 

BUT, I called one of the theaters to ask how early I needed to get there to make sure I got in.  The manager said to come about an hour early.   When I asked, though, if I could come early in the morning to redeem my passes for "real" tickets and then come back later, he said, "You can come tonight if you want."

So, that's what I did!  On Friday night, my daughter and I stopped at the theater on our way home from seeing the play "Stomp."  We redeemed those passes for tickets so that I didn't have to worry on Sunday we wouldn't get into the show.

The movie, by the way, was awesome! It was a great way to spend Mother's Day - and it was FREE!

I just wish I'd known about this site when they were handing out the Sex and the City passes in Austin.  By the time I'd clicked on that screening, all the passes were gone . . . so sad . . . guess I'll just have to wait until opening night!


Romeo said...

I love gofobo, I also give away tickets to Austin and other Texas cities' premieres and sometimes have the gofobo codes for winners at my website Unfortuantely I don't have SATC2 tix.

Richie said...

Thanks for the tip! Signing up now.

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