Learning to Speak Spanish

Apr 7, 2010

Every since my daughter was 2 years old, our kids have attended a Spanish-immersion preschool in Austin, called Escuelita del Alma. Our goal, in enrolling the kids there, was to have them grow up bilingual. My husband and I are, well, unilingual – and sometimes, maybe not even that.

We had better hopes for our children.
And, so far, so good on that plan. Our daughter is in 2nd grade and I now have a high school student come over about 4 hours a week to continue to speak Spanish to her while they play. My boys attend the school now and it’s been fun to watch them learn to speak. Some words are always in English and other things are always referred to in Spanish.

For example, my three-year-old is yet to say “milk” – it’s still always “leche.” “Water” is always “Agua.”

The conversation I find the most amusing now, though, is with my 22 month old. This is how it usually goes.

Say Mommy.
Say book.
Say bus.
Say adios

Maybe he can’t say the word, but he certainly knows what it means!


Elsa said...

I had to chuckle. My mom, who speaks only Spanish, watched my daughter Katy for the first 18 months of her life. When Katy was about 13 months old, she & my mom were having a "discussion" over an item. Katy kept repeating "mine," while my mom would lovingly correct her in Spanish. After several minutes of trying to explain to Osha (her name for my mom) that the item was her, Katy looked at my mom and firmly said, "mio" (which is Spanish for mine). My mom had to call me at work to tell me and could hardly talk she was laughing so hard. I guess Katy figured since Osha didn't speak English, she wasn't understanding so she spoke to her in Spanish.

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