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Feb 8, 2010

I bought Valentine's Day cards for my daughter to give to her classmates one day last week.  I didn't bother getting any for my boys, though.  Afterall, they are only 1 and 3 and won't really know the difference.

When I went to pick them up from preschool, however, I was given lists of the kids in their class.  I was told Valentine's would be handed out on Friday. 

Oh, brother.

Now I had to go back to the store.

And then, I found out that Chuck-E-Cheese has Valentines you can PRINT OFF YOUR COMUTER!! :-)

To make it even better, each Valentine includes 5 tokens for Chuck-E-Cheese.

There are 4 Valentines on a sheet, but you can print as many sheets as you need!

Click here for the Valentines!


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