Coupons for your Prescriptions

Feb 4, 2010

I, honestly, have never seen a website like this before.  If you click here, you will be brought to a site called Your RX Coupons. 

On there, you can click on printable coupons for 15,000 different medications.

You just click on the link and it brings you to a printable coupon for that medication.  The coupons are accepted at any pharmacy in the US!

According to the website, the coupons are supplied by the manufacturer and "Discounts vary and can range anywhere from 0%-75% depending on the type of prescription, whether or not the drug is generic, and the location of the specific pharmacy. The average discount is 28%."

In addition, once you use the coupon on a particular prescription, every time you return to that pharmacy, your information has been stored in the computer and you will automatically get the discount.  You do not need to bring back another coupon for that particular medication.

So, next time your doctor gives you a prescription, make sure to come back to this blog post and click on that link!  Find  the drug and print out your coupon before you head over to the pharmacy to pick it up.  Who knows how much you'll save!

And, make SURE to pass this post along to those you know who don't have insurance for their medications!


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