A Modern-Day Diary

Jan 5, 2010

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an interest in keeping a journal. I remember, year after year, asking my parents for a new diaryfor Christmas. Many times, I’d get one. I’d begin, on January 1, writing down a record of all the (no doubt fascinating) events that occurred during each day. I’d show great diligence in my diary entries until, oh, about January 3, and then I’d begin to lose interest.

I’m sure that somewhere, my parents have a box full of my half-hearted attempts at journal keeping.

When I joined Facebook about a year and a half ago, I began writing my status updates – at least once a day . Nowadays, as my Facebook friends will attest, I often update my status more frequently. I usually comment on the funny or ridiculous things my kids do or say, or the things I observe when out in public, or my opinion on national news events.

Not long after beginning to write these updates, I realized that the culmination of them made up a “modern day diary,” of sorts. Reading each sentence or two would bring back a flood of memories – of what happened in our home or lives that day, or what my Facebook friends had to say in regards to my status.

I tried, for awhile, to copy each status into a Worddocument after I wrote it – so that, not only would I have written memories of my life activities and events, but my children would have a record of their childhoods – the cute things they said and did and how I responded to them. That task, however, proved to be too tedious for me and I quickly fell behind.

I have never stopped regretting, however, that I wasn’t saving my statuses somewhere more permanent than my Facebook account.

And then, last week, I found out that Facebook was allowing you to make a “collage” of your favorite statuses of 2009. And, in order to choose these statuses, you were able to read through a list (organized month by month), of all your statuses for the past year!

When I accessed my list, I quickly copied all of the statuses and pasted them into a Word document. This way, if Facebook eventually eliminates this collage application, I still have my statuses saved elsewhere.

All of that brings me to this . . . sharing with you some of my favorite statuses of 2009. Many of you, who are my Facebook friends, have already read them. I hope rereading them, once again, makes you smile. For those of you who have never read them, I have a feeling they will help you get to know me, and my kids (and husband), just a little bit better.

Here they are:

∙ My husband came home from his weekend with the two oldest kids and drank an entire bottle of wine. I guess there's no reason for me to ask how things went, huh?

∙ I didn't think it was possible to go to the store and screw up buying cupcakeliners, but it turns out - it is.

∙ I told my 2-year-old to say he was sorry to his sister, to which he replied, in tears, "I . . . not . . . sorry!"

∙ I’m thinking it might be a bad sign that my 2-year-old begged me not to pick up his 6-year-old sister from schoolyesterday.

∙ I came home from work to my daughter telling me that she asked Daddy for cerealand he said, "Do you want candy instead?"

∙ I think we reach a new level of "gross" every day in our house. Today, my 2-yr-old grabbed his baby brother's hand and blew his own nose in it.

∙ My daughter asked, "What if someone offered us $100 if we'd let him rip the baby's head off? I wouldn't take it. Would you?" Uhm...I think I'll pass on that. ??

∙ I silently giggle every time her 6-yr-old refers to the Father-Daughter dance she went to as "the prom."

∙ I find that I fast-forward my Tivo, through Randy, Paula and that other chick, just to hear what Simon has to say.

∙ I fear I may be losing my battle against soda since my 2-yr-old now pretends to steer his Hot Wheels up to a drive-through window and order a Coke.

∙ I want to say, "Listen, smelly people at the gym. Stop getting on the ellipticalmachine next to me!"

∙ My nearly 3-yr-old son saw my skirt this morning and said, "What's that?" I fear that is a sad indication of the way I usually dress.

∙ I think my least favorite words may be, "Mommy! There's boogers on the couch!"

∙ I think planning children's birthdayparties would be a lot easier if I didn't actually have any children.

∙ I wonder why it is my daughter would rather go to school looking like a homeless person or an escaped mental patient than let me do her hair in the morning.

∙ I want to know why, when my 2-yr-old burps in front of me, he says, "Excuse me, Mama!" but when he burps in front of his dad, he yells out, "Daddy, I burped!!!"

∙ I hate opening the garage door and having geckos fall on my head.

∙ I just said to my 2-yr-old, "When you're 3, you'll have a big boy bed, but for now, you're 2." "Terrible two," he reminded me. "Precisely," I said. :-)

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2010 be filled with as many (if not more) laughs and giggles and happy memories as 2009 – and may I record most of mine on Facebook!


Jenny said...

Please tell me how you did this on Facebook!! I would like to do this as well.


Tish said...

I laughed so hard I actually had tears coming out of my eyes. I don't know if it is because I know you and Rob or if every one of those things could have happened at my house.

B said...

Thanks for the chuckle.

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