Save Money by Shopping After-Christmas Sales

Dec 26, 2009

I don’t usually do blog posts on the weekends, but this has been an unusual week (with Christmas at the end of it.) And, I wanted to make sure to “discuss” with you the great deals you can get now that Christmas is over!

Starting today, stores will begin having their “After-Christmas sales.” Let me preface this by saying, I am not encouraging you to go out and buy a bunch of crap you don’t need just because it comes with a good price tag! But, I am gently nudging you to go shopping (if you can afford it) and stock up on things for next Christmas!

I plan on hitting a few stores today (and more later in the week). My goal is this: I want to be able to buy discounted Christmas paraphernalia for next year. For example, I make peppermint bark for everyone I know so I’d like to stock up on the little bags I put it in for each friend. I might stock up on wrapping paper or gift bags. Tape is sometimes on sale, too. I need more of those label stickers – for both my Christmas cards and to go on the top of the presents.

My best friend, Renee, gave me a great idea this past week (which I’m going to keep in mind when I shop over the next few days.) I had been complaining about how hard it is, now that my oldest child is seven, to make sure that “Santa” and “Mommy and Daddy” have different wrapping paper when all the presents get wrapped. Plus, there is always the issue of my handwriting on the “Santa” packages and whether it looks like they came from me. Renee suggested that I not only buy special “Santa” paper, but I buy a different “Santa” paper for each of my 3 kids. That way, it’s clear just by the paper that a.) The gift is from Santa and b.) Which child it belongs to (no labels necessary!). What a great idea! So, I’ll be looking for special (discounted) Santa paper, too.

I also always have a list on my computer of who I buy Christmas presents for each year. I plan on bringing that list for me when I shop this week and seeing if there might be anything I can get them for next year! For example, I am the person who fills my mother-in-law’s stocking, so maybe I can find all her stocking stuffers for next year 12 months early!

Last year, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I was able to find a ton of girl gifts – make-up sets, jewelry-making kits, etc. – for just a few dollars a piece. They were all in the Christmas section (though, none of them had Christmas decorations on them.) So, I was able to stock up on gifts for Jordan’s friends last December and give them out whenever she attended a birthday party all year long. My stash is beginning to run low, though, so I’ll be looking to refill it.

My kids really wanted lights on our trees this year. Usually, we just put up a few of those big balloon decorations (which, by the way, I got a few days after Christmas during past years. I was able to get a $100 rotating snow globe for 25 bucks once!) but we have never really done the “light thing.” The kids, though, begged my husband so much that he eventually gave in and went and bought some LCD lights for our trees. He spent $40 on 4 strands and they only covered one little tree! (Our yard was a tad bit pitiful this year.) I’m encouraging him, though, when he goes to Lowes or Home Depot tomorrow, to see if he can purchase what we need for the rest of our yard on clearance this year!

We also bought our Christmas tree on Clearance one year.  If you've been thinking about moving into the pre-lit tree phase of your life, now is the time to buy it!

Remember, the stores will have good sales tomorrow, but the prices on the Christmas stuff will keep going down all week. Chances are, most stores tomorrow will be at about 50% off, but as the week progresses, they’ll go down to 90%. It may be “slim pickings” by then, but on occasion, you may just hit the jackpot and really get some great deals!

Happy shopping!


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