Save Money by Making Your Own Peppermint Bark

Dec 8, 2009

Williams Sonoma has a GREAT peppermint bark. I love walking in the store and sampling it. But, do you know how much it costs? $26.50 for a ONE pound tin! Yikes!

I discovered, last year, that Costco sells Peppermint bark, too - and it's very good - and, of course, costs about half the cost. But, I also discovered that they don't always carry it and if I wanted to give it to people, I couldn't count on them to have it in the store when I needed it.

And then, I was watching the Today show last December and saw a woman on the show MAKING the peppermint bark. It looked easy, so I decided to try it out for myself - and it really WAS easy. And, most importantly, YUMMY! And, of course, it cost about a quarter of what Williams Sonoma charges and about half of the Costco kind.

What I did last year was make it in batches and then break it up, wrapping it in small Christmas gift bags (you can get them inexpensively at Michaels - especially if you have a 40% off coupon). After Christmas last year, I stocked up on those bags when they went on Clearance, so I'm all set for this year. In addition, at the end of the holidays last year, I stocked up on the leftover white bark and it's been in my deep freezer all year. I got it for less than 1/2 the price that way.

So, I'm going to share the recipe with all of you. Last year, I made it for all my co-workers, neighbors and all of Rob's co-workers. This year, I'll probably do the same. I bet the people in your life will enjoy it as much as we all did!


• 12 ounces semi or bittersweet chocolate wafers or chips (I just used Nestle chips)
• 9 ounces white chocolate wafers or chocolate (I used white bark)
• 1/2 teaspoon canola oil
• 1/2 cup peppermint candy, crushed (I used candy canes)

1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Line a 9x13 pan with parchment paper, letting it hang over the sides.
2. Pour the semi or bittersweet chocolate chips in an even layer on the foil. Place in oven for 5 minutes or until almost melted.
3. Immediately remove chocolate from oven, even if it appears to still be holding its shape (it will most likely be ready to spread smooth). Using an offset spatula, rubber spatula or knife, spread chocolate evenly in the pan bottom. Place in refrigerator until cold and firm, about 20 minutes.
4. While the dark chocolate is cooling, melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler or in a metal bowl over simmering water (don’t let bottom of bowl touch water), until chocolate is almost melted.
5. Remove bowl from water and stir until completely melted, stirring in canola oil. Let cool a little bit so it doesn’t melt the chocolate layer when you pour it on top.
6. Pour white chocolate over the dark chocolate layer, and, working quickly, spread to cover. The dark chocolate may melt a little but don’t worry.
7. Immediately after spreading the white chocolate over the dark, sprinkle crushed candy canes over the entire surface. Cool in the refrigerator for an hour or overnight. Break pieces into “bark” and enjoy!

Kathleen Daelemans is the author of “Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen, 200 Easy Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss.”


Leila said...

Oooh...looks yummy!! We're going to be making edible gifts for a lot of people this year, too. I found Christmas and snowflake bags to wrap them in at the dollar spot at Target...$1 for 20 bags. They're not quite as cute as the ones that I saw at Michael's for three times the price, but they're definitely good enough!

Kelly Seiler said...

Oh, yeah! I bet the dollar section of Target has a bunch of them! Good idea!

Janet said...

Sounds yummy and easy. I will definatley be making this. What extract and how much?

Kelly Seiler said...

You know, I don't know why it says "extract" since it doesn't call for any in the ingredients. I just took that word out - I've never used any! Enjoy!

kimmie said...

I made peppermint bark last year too! I always use Trader Joe's chocolate chips. I love them!

I found a lady who used green mint chips, and it looks beautiful.

Lynda said...

I make this without the bittersweet/semi chocolate. I just use white chocolate + crushed candy canes. Just sharing another way to make it...

I also made it once with wintergreen flavored candy canes -- YUM!

Anonymous said...

I have been making this for several years. I have made it with & without peppermint oil. Mixing 1/2-3/4 tsp of peppermint oil to white choc instead or in addition to the canola oil gives it a deeper peppering flavor which I thought made it taste more like the expensive store brands of bark.

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