Free 100 Photo Cards and FREE Photo Christmas Ornament

Nov 16, 2009

UPDATE: The Free ornament code is no longer working.

It's almost Christmas time! Have you started to think about your Christmas cards? Well, I have! (In fact, I'm thinking about my cards AND yours!)

And, I have a way for you to get a bunch of them for FREE! I think you need to do each of these deals separately (but they all have FREE shipping).

Go to the website SeeHere and create an account by clicking here.

Then, go to the Green Navigation menu at the top and click on Photo Cards.

Pick the 4 x8 cards and design them. Select 50 of them.

When you checkout, use the coupon code newbaby to bring your total to ZERO dollars! (And, shipping is FREE, too!)

I don't know when this code expires - and I haven't tried it yet - so hurry!

THEN, I have another deal for you . . . this one is also from SeeHere, but it's for a FREE photo ornament!

Do the same as you did above for the photo cards, but select "ornaments" instead of Photo Cards.

You have to pick the red or white round ornaments, to get it for FREE.

Use the promotion code mallornament (it doesn't expire until 3/31/10). Ornament and shipping are FREE!

Finally, the other deal I have for your comes from the blog Freebies 4 Mom. Using her exclusive coupon code (click on her site to find it) you can get either 50 FREE photos or 50 FREE photo cards. (Her deal expires November 30.)


Jenny said...

Wow! Thanks for passing this along Kelly! Now to find the right picture...

B said...

I really need to check these deals out! That is the potential to save a lot of $ on christmas cards this year!!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying SO hard to get the cards...but am wondering if anyone else is having a hard time actually creating the cards? Thanks for any tips you could offer!

Kelly Seiler said...

I'm going to try it after Saturday - when we take our Christmas photo. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

I can't get any of the photos to "drag" into the's getting very frustrating. I've watched the tutorial about how to make cards, but I'm doing exactly what it tells me to, and nothing happens. :-(

Anonymous said...

Just did the card on seehere last night - got an email that they shipped today - $0!

Thanks for the great tip.

Leila said...

Is the ornament code right? I was just trying to get it, but got a "the entered coupon code is not valid. please try again" error message. Thanks for checking!!

Can't wait to get my cards!! Thanks!!

Kelly Seiler said...

I still haven't had a chance to try it out, but from what I'm reading on other sites, some people can get it to work - but you have to make sure to create your account first and log in. Other people are saying SeeHere isn't honoring the code anymore. I'm sorry! I had no idea it would be so difficult. I'll leave a comment after I try it out!

Kelly Seiler said...

Oh, someone else also said that the code doesn't work if you cut and paste it, but it works if you type it yourself. Hope that helps!

Kelly Seiler said...

Okay, I just did my cards - and both free codes worked, but I guess I was too late on the free shipping thing because both codes still charge me $3.19. Oh, well. That's still a great deal. I had a hard time dragging the photos at first, but then realized I hadn't fully installed their photo program. Once I did- no problems. I haven't tried the ornament yet.

Leila said...

I got my cards...for totally free. THANKS so much for the great tip! They arrived already and look great. :-) No luck ever with the ornament code...cut and pasted or typed separately...white or red...oh well. They are doing a 50% off site wide and free shipping today and tomorrow, though..."2day" is the code, I think.

Thanks again!!

Kelly Seiler said...

I could never get the ornament code to work either. Not sure what happened there! Sorry! I got the photo card one to work, though - I had to pay shipping. I think it would have been free shipping had I done it las week, but we just had our photo taken yesterday. Oh, well - 100 cards for $6 is still a great deal. Glad to help you out!

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