75% Off Photo Christmas Cards

Nov 26, 2009

I already got all of my Christmas cards, for FREE, from Seehere (Click here for that deal.) But, if you aren't taking advantage of that deal (or need more than 100 cards), here's a good deal for you.

At VistaPrint, all Christmas cards are currently 75% off. To give you an understanding of how much this will cost you (when all is said and done) - if you order 100 4 x 8 cards (with shipping) it will come to $15.48.

That's a good deal. Not great, but good. Free is better. But, to give you a comparison, 100 cards at Costco would cost about $30. (Of course, Costco cards are a larger size.) So, just keep that in mind when/if you decide to order.

Click here for their site.


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