The Orchid and Me

Oct 5, 2009

As I have established in an earlier post, I am not very good with plants. I just have a hard time remembering to water them and thus, as a result, they often turn brown and crispy.

So, when my mom brought over her orchid last week (which I had given her as a gift) and asked me to take care of it while they were away on a trip, I thought it wasn’t a very wise decision on her part. I have a terrible track record. Still, I told her I’d take on the challenge of keeping her plant upright and full of flowers.

Apparently my lack of a green thumb has not gone unnoticed by my children because, just this evening, my 6-year-old daughter stopped in front of the orchid and asked, “Is that a real plant?”

“Yes,” I told her, not really paying attention.

“It’s really real?” she asked.

Yes,” I told her, more emphatically. Did she not hear me the first time?

Still staring at the plant in bewilderment, she asked, “Then . . . why is it still alive?”


Susan Fobes said...

Out of the mouths of babes... Good luck with your new "charge."

Michele said...

LOL.. that's hilarious. So funny the things they say!

Good luck with the plant... brave soul you are!


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