Free on Your Birthday - Red Robin

Oct 2, 2009

I’ve decided to start a new series called “Free-On-Your-Birthday Fridays!”

There are a TON of Free things you can get on (or around) your birthday. I know that I have not taken the time to fill out all the online registrations and I bet you haven’t either.

But, if we all do one or two a week, by the time our birthdays come around, we’ll be inundated with FREE stuff!

Thus, this is the company I’m going to talk about this week: Red Robin

Now, this is one club I actually HAVE signed up for – for me and all of my family members. If you sign up for their EClub by clicking here, they will send you a coupon for a FREE birthday burger.

If you’ve never had a Red Robin burger, you are missing out. I’m not a “hamburger” person, but even I think they are YUMMY!

So, don’t dilly dally – sign up now!

Happy B’day to you!


That's Who I Am said...

Oh I think I am going to sign up for this right now! They do have yummy burgers. WE just got them here in town about a year ago:) Thanks for sharing! And thanks for letting me know about my blog on the MBC board.

Kelly Seiler said...

Glad you like my blog and you're welcome on letting you know about your link! I hope you became a follower of mine! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Red Robbing usually has a pretty good kids eat free promo going on too. Usually one kids meal free with one adult entre. The kids love eating there and it doesn't cost much. Red Robbin is one of our favorite haunts.

Gina Carroll said...

Hi Kelly!
So glad to connect with you. Lovely blog. BTW my family loves Red Robin. It used to be a family hangout when we lived in CA. I'll have to find them again in our town.

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