Free on Your Birthday - Burger King and Denny's

Oct 16, 2009

It’s Friday and that means I have something that’s FREE on your birthday!

These deals are actually for your kids.

The first one is Burger King. If you click here you can register your kids for the BK Birthday Club. They’ll email your email account when it’s your child’s birthday with a coupon for a FREE kids’ meal. Unlike some companies, you can use the same email address for numerous children, so I was able to put all of my kids on my one email account.

It’s a little complicated, though, to register the kids. It turns out, after you register them, they send you an email for each child. Go into the first one and follow the instructions. You have to give your approval for the birthday club (I think because it also includes an online game program for the child to play). You can only register, though, through ONE child’s email – so don’t even bother trying to go through the other emails. Then, once you create YOUR account, they send you ANOTHER email to verify it and you have to click on the link. Once you are in your account, you can ADD the other children who have already registered by using their “username” and password. Got it? You might need to read through those steps a few times as you do it.

The second offer is from Denny’s. If you sign up your kids by clicking here, they will send your child a coupon for a free meal AND a sundae! This offer is not as complicated. Basically, you just fill out the online form. However, when you are done, it says, “Add another child.” If you click that, it just takes you to a page where you can print off the PDF form to mail in. That’s a hassle. Instead, click the BACK button and just fill out another online form.

What a great way to get them some nice treats for their birthday, that don’t cost YOU a dime!

Happy Birthday to your kids!


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