The Dippy Egg

Oct 12, 2009

Yesterday morning, I made my almost-seven-year-old daughter breakfast – an over-easy egg and an English muffin. Looking at it, I thought it came out pretty good. Sometimes, I have a tendency to overcook the egg. But, this time, it looked just right.

I handed it to my daughter and she began to chow down. After a minute or so, I asked her, “How’s the egg?”

“Good,” she said.

“As good as Grandma makes?”

(According to Jordan, my mom is the best “dippy egg” maker on the planet.)

“No,” she said, as she kept eating.

“It’s not?” I asked her. “What did I do wrong?”

She took another bite and chewed it, thoughtfully.

“It has good taste and I like the crunch, but I’d like to see more texture.”

Are you kidding me?

Can we say, “Someone has been watching the Food Network a little too often?”


B said...

I don't do very well in the egg department myself. As for your daughter's critque, priceless! If she is going to pick things up from TV, at least its from the Food Network and not the Cartoon Network or something worse!!

Michele said...

Kay ~ seriously!! That's hysterical.
I love it.
Thanks again for the early morning chuckle :)

Kristi Maloney said...

Hi there! I have an award for you over at Moms Own Words. Here's a direct link: Thank you for helping so many moms out there! said...

Very funny! What's funny to me is that no matter how I cook my son's eggs, I can never cook them as well as "grandpa's". I guess it's a grandparent thing?

mommylicious said...

I made a face on my son's waffles with strawberrys and grapes and he threw a huge fit and said, "no face mommy, no face!"

O well, so much for the effort... I got a critic from a 2 yr old.

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