Medicine Deal at Walgreens

Sep 7, 2009

I apologize in advance if this deal is not one you are able to take advantage of in your local area Walgreens. I’m not even sure if anyone in Austin will be able to find the same deal at any Walgreens other than the one I visited last night (which was on Brodie Lane, by the way). But, the deal was so good that I figured I’d “put it out there” and you can figure out if it’s the same where you live.

Last night, I made a late night trip to Walgreens. As I was walking up the center aisle, I noticed a shelf full of 75% off items and amongst them were a ton of medicines. Available there were things like generic children’s Benadryl, regular Children’s Tylenol Plus Flu, Plus Cough and Runny Nose and Plus Cold. There was also Triaminic Nighttime Cold and Cough and Nasal Sprays, among other medicines. Not all were for kids. Many were adult medicines, too. None of them had yet expired. In fact, most of them don’t expire until about August of 2010. And, the best part? They were all $1.99 or less! For the generic Benadryl, I paid $1.12.

As I mentioned, none had expired, but even if they had, awhile ago I came across a few articles regarding how unimportant the expiration dates on medicines really are. If you’d like to read more about that, click here.

So, naturally, I stocked up because, I don’t know about your house, but in MINE, someone is always, always sick. And, when someone is sick, I am stuck running out to the store to get the correct medicine, generally late at night, and it is usually not on sale when I need it.

In addition, and I don’t know why this is, when I checked out, the cashier handed me two coupons that had printed out with my receipt. Both were for $5 off my next purchase of $5 or more at Walgreens. What I bought must have been part of their Register Rewards Program. Whatever the reason, that made the purchases even better.

So, if you have a minute this week, you might want to stop by, or at least call, your local Walgreens and see if they have a bunch of medicines in their clearance section right now. Even if no one is ill in your house at the moment, winter is coming and it’s just a matter of time. It wouldn’t hurt to be prepared – and to save money in the process.


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