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Sep 14, 2009

I don't generally post my Facebook status on my blog, but this one seems to have people laughing. So, I thought I would share it with those of you who aren't my FB friends. I posted it last night. Hope if makes you chuckle:

I am trying to get a straight answer from my children regarding why there is poop on the chopsticks.


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Ahhh...worthy goal. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and following! I'm returning the favor and I look forward to reading more!

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

So...did you ever get the straight answer?

Kelly Seiler said...

Ha! No, never did get my straight answer - and honestly, I was kind of scared to get one! :-)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

LOL!!! People without kids would be horrified that you would even have to ask that question. Moms just laugh and wonder when their kids are going to do something like that! I wouldn't want to know the answer either. I look forward to following your blog.

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