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Aug 6, 2009

I’d be surprised if there were many people out there who hadn’t heard about Upromise, but perhaps, even though you’ve heard about it, you haven’t signed up. I want to encourage you to get moving and become part of the Upromise community and here’s why:

When you sign up with Upromise, you have the chance to “earn” money for college – for you, if you’ve never gone, or for your children or your grandchildren or the child of a friend.

You earn “money” by shopping at certain stores and restaurants and businesses. Once you become a member, go into you account and “add” your credit card numbers (that’s how they keep track of where you shop), and your grocery store/pharmacy cards numbers.

In addition, whenever you shop online, you should go to those sites “through” the Upromise website. You can earn extra money that way, too.

Rob and I have been “signed up” since before our first child was born. Granted, we have not made a ton of money this way (a couple hundred dollars). I hardly think you’ll be able to put your kids through college on what you earn through Upromise. But, when it comes to college, every little bit helps, right? And, it’s not costing you anything to “make” this money – in fact, I rarely even think about my Upromise account. But, while I’m shopping, it’s earning me a little extra money for my kids’ future schooling.

You can hook up your 529 College Savings Fund to your Upromise account and then transfer the money into there on a regular basis. And, it gives you the option to “invite” people, like grandparents, to participate in saving money for college, too.

So, if you’ve never signed up before, what are you waiting for? It’s easy and FREE. And, if you don’t know any kids who’ll need money for college, let me know and you can start “saving” for mine! J


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