Market Research Studies (Part II)

Aug 18, 2009

A few weeks ago, I did a blog regarding market research study groups. This post is a follow-up to that one because I have something new to add that might interest those of you out there who would like to participate in a focus group at some point.

Last night, I hosted a focus group at my house. That’s right. I didn’t even have to go anywhere. In fact, not only did I have the study at my house, but I was asked to invite 7 of my friends to participate along with me! The market research study leaders conducted an hour and a half focus group with all of us, brought us dinner, and paid us some pretty nice cash! (I made $160 and each of my guests made $80!)

I wanted to post this market research group on my blog because, though located in Dallas, they conduct studies all over the country and are constantly looking for new people to participate and possibly host the studies in their own home.

The company is called Spearfish and if this is something that might interest you, their website is located right here.

To get on their list of possible focus group participants, email with your name and contact information.

You never know when you might qualify for a study! But, trust me, you won’t be sorry when you do!


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