Kids Eat Free Nights and Restaurants

Aug 26, 2009

Going out to eat is expensive! It's bad enough if it's just you and your spouse, but throw a child (or two or three or more) in the mix and you might as well stay home.

The restaurant business is hurting financially right along with the rest of society. People just can't afford to (or are chosing not to) eat out regularly.

So, many restaurants have come up with a solution and a way to entice families to come back in to their establishments to eat.

Kids Eat Free Nights!

Now, I do not have the time or energy to put up on this blog all of the restaurants which are featuring such programs. But, luckily for me (and you) there are blogs out there which are solely devoted to informing you about where to go if you want to have a nice meal and not pay for your kids.

My favorite one is My Kids Eat Free. Currently, the mom who writes this blog has a list of over 4000 restaurant locations which provide great family deals.

For example, IHOP is currently running a program from 4-7 pm. Fazoli's is another one offering this program on weekend's in August. You can search by your state and the day of the week. Of course, you generally have to purchase an Adult Entree in order to get a free meal for your child. But, if you and your spouse go out and each buy a meal, you can get two of your kids for free.
Another similar site a friend just passed on to me is Kids Meal Deals.
The best deal around that I have found is at Applebees. They have a 2 for $20 meal, where you and another adult get a full-size appetizer to share (with 4 to choose from) and you each get a full-size entree (with 12 to choose from). And then, if you go on their Kids Eat Free Night (The day varies from location to location - so check your local restaurant. Ours is on Wednesday), not only do kids eat free, but for each adult, TWO kids eat for free! So, if you have 3 or 4 kids, this is the place to go on Kids Eat Free night. You could feed the whole family (of up to 6 people) for $20! If only you could just convince everyone to drink nothing but water, you'd really be doing good on the bill . . .

Now I, personally, try to never take my children into a public restaurant if at all possible. (I just can't handle the stress!) But, if I am ever so inclined to do so again, I will definitely be reviewing one of the above websites before I do!


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