Flat Irons - Don't Pay Too Much for Them!

Aug 25, 2009

For those men out there who read this blog, this post may not be of interest to you. However, if you are a woman who needs to/wants to/MUST flat iron her hair before she is willing to be seen in public, then keep reading . . .

Personally, I have very thick, very annoying, very unruly hair which is wavy in some sections, curly in others and stick straight near my neck. I look at other women with naturally straight hair and think, “Why not me, God? WHY?”

But, since this is how God created me, I’ve learned to work with it.

And, what has helped me immensely in my daily battle with my hair is my flat iron.

About 4 years ago, I purchased a CHI flat iron. (Back then, we had only one child and thus, money wasn’t quite so tight. And, my husband was in Iraq and so we were getting “Hazard Duty Pay” – I bet he doesn’t know that risking his life paid for my flat iron. Oops. Oh, well. He does now. ) Anyway, even though I bought it on Ebay, and thus, paid less than retail for it, I still considered it an investment. It was costly, but worth every penny. I NEEDED that flat iron.

And, it worked pretty well and I was satisfied with it until it just stopped working one day last summer. That was a sad, sad day . . . I had to borrow my neighbor's flat iron until I got one of my own. And, since by then, we had two more children, buying another Chi wasn’t really in the budget. So, I bought a Revlon one at Target. I won’t even discuss that purchase. Let’s just say I “made do” with it for nearly a year.

But then, about a month or so ago, I went to visit my best friend, Renee, at Ft Leavenworth, KS. I asked if I could borrow her flat iron one morning and, despite the fact it wasn’t a CHI, I was shocked at how well it worked. It got my hair straighter than I have ever been able to do on my own. When I was done, I looked like a stylist had straightened my hair. I found out what brand she owned and learned it was a Generic Value Product (GVP) from Sally Beauty Supply.

So, as soon as I came home, I bought one of my own . . . and after that purchase, I now feel the need to impart my knowledge on saving money on flat irons with you.

First of all, it cost less than a CHI. I think the regular price is about $60.

When I used it for the first time, I was happy with how hot it got and how it straightened my hair, but something was wrong with it. It didn’t close properly (not like Renee’s did) and so it kind of “slipped” off my hair each time I tried to grab it. I realized I needed to exchange it.

But, before I returned it, I decided to look on Ebay. A merchant was selling brand new GVP flat irons for $19.99 (plus $6 shipping). I emailed him and explained the problem I was having. I said that I didn’t want to buy one from him that had the same problem. He wrote back and told me that the problem I had was that a plate inside had been inserted backwards. The flat irons he sells were all made that way. I guess he buys the “mis-made” irons from Sally, fixes them and then resells them – for a lot less (about $40 plus) than I could buy them from the store.

I took a chance and bought the flat iron from him. He was right, it works perfectly and I paid a lot less for it than I would have if I kept the one from the original store.

However, if you are a CHI loyalist, and want to stick with their product, I have another piece of information for you. Costco is now selling CHI flat irons for $59.99. That is a GREAT price. Even on Ebay, you can’t get one for less than that.

So, if you are in the market for a new flat iron, consider the two options I’ve detailed. If you’re interested in buying from the Ebay dealer I used for the GVP one, leave me a comment and I’ll get you his information.

If you don’t have a Costco membership, I bet you have a friend who does. Maybe you could give them the money to buy you one there!

Hope you have a great (flat) hair day!


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