Judging Those Books By Their Covers

Jul 6, 2009

I pulled into the gym parking lot last week and, because it was so crowded, had to park in the back corner of the lot – further away than I normally park. As I opened my door, I noticed that the car parked next to me had its windows rolled down and there was a woman sleeping in the front seat. She opened her eyes, just a slit, when she heard me, rolled to her other side and appeared to fall back asleep. I quickly glanced in her car. There were shoes, a hairbrush, a bike, food wrappers, clothes and books thrown all about.

“Gosh,” I thought. “I bet she’s homeless and she’s living in her car.” I know that in this economy, that situation is becoming more and more common, but I’ve never really come across it.

I opened the back door to my minivan to begin unloading my kids and, as I started to undo the baby’s seatbelt, my eyes skimmed the interior of my car.

Shoes, fast food wrappers, a bag full of trash, clothes, toys, hair ties, drink bottles, books, socks, papers scattered all over, a portable potty . . .

And then it hit me.

Oh . . . My . . . Gosh . . .

I bet people look inside MY car and think that I’m living in it!

Because, in reality, my car was no less cluttered with stuff than that lady’s car next to mine. In fact, I think mine was worse. The only difference between us was that she was sleeping and I haven’t done that in at least a year.

When I came back to my car about 10 minutes later, to grab the water bottle I had forgotten inside, she was reading a book.

I realized then that she was probably just waiting for someone who had gone inside the gym and I had judged her to be homeless!

All by the contents of her car!

I cringe at the thought of what people must think about me when they look inside mine . . .


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