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Jul 8, 2009

About 3 years ago, our local Costco opened. And, coincidentally, around that same time, ABC’s 20/20 featured a story on Costco and its CEO, Jim Sinegal. During that special, it was mentioned that Costco sells coffins and I remember thinking, “Who on earth buys a casket from Costco?” Well, let me tell you. I now know the answer to that question.

Last summer, a dear friend of mine passed away and her sister (another close friend) and I planned her funeral. I remember telling her sister, as we discussed funeral arrangements (and the enormous cost involved) about that show I’d seen on Costco and how they sell coffins. I asked if it might be something she was interested in. I thought she would think I was nuts, but she made a joke (or should I say, attempted to make one, considering the sad situation we were in) about how it’ll make her mother happy that she was finally using the membership her mom had purchased for her last Christmas.

Anyway, we ultimately decided to at least look into it. Afterall, what did we have to lose? We went to the Costco website and looked at their options, picking out a beautiful coffin that cost approximately $1800. When we went to the funeral home to make final arrangements, we asked to view their selection of caskets (in the interest of “shopping around”). Their equivalent casket, in quality and appearance (and actually, I think the Costco one was a higher quality of steel), was close to $10,000. Guess which casket we went with? And, not only was it enormously cheaper to buy the casket from Costco, but shipping was free if you don’t need to expedite it.

(And don’t worry, they deliver it to the funeral home and not to your house!)

I know this seems like an odd choice for a blog post, but . . . I love, love, love Costco. In fact, this is probably the first of many posts about them. This “deal” may seem like an strange one, but none-the-less, it’s a legitimate and seriously financially beneficial one.

In addition, who has the time to research these things or “shop around” when in the midst of a crisis? Naturally, most people automatically turn to the funeral home to make all of the decisions. And, let me tell you, after going through the process of planning a funeral for my friend, I was shocked and horrified by how much a funeral costs. Trust me, if and when your time comes to plan a burial (and sadly enough, for most people, that time will eventually come for someone they love), the information I gave you regarding coffins will come in very handy.


rylee95 said...

We're in a business where this is important information. The extreme cost of funeral arrangements is no joke and catches many people off guard. It's awful. This is good to know, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Being a funeral director myself I must say to purchase a casket from an outside vendor causes inflation with in the industry itself. FYI

Kelly Seiler said...

Perhaps it does cause inflation in the industry, however, when one is not expecting a death (as we were not with my friend who was in her early 40's) not many people have any extra $10,000 laying around for a casket(not to mention the other costs involved in a funeral.) As you know, the casket is really just one of many expenses involved in the whole burial process. From the average consumers point of view, it is better to risk that inflation than to put yourself in terrible debt that you may or may not be able to find your way out of.

Thanks for checking out my blog, though! Hope I haven't scared you away!

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