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Jun 19, 2009

I don’t often buy things online, but when I do, I find it to be highly convenient. The thing is, though, when I shop, I need it to not only be convenient, but also be a good financial bargain. Many times, online companies have good sales going on and they automatically take their discount off at the “register.” To often than not, though, the online store asks for a “promotion code” upon checkout. For years, whenever I would see those words I’d think, “Who are those people who have those codes and where do they find them?”

Well, now I know.

Before I buy anything online, I always look for the coupon or promotion code on another website. My favorite is, but you can also find coupon codes at and or These sites list thousands of coupon codes and you never know, you might find a good one for the place from which you are about to shop!

So before you click the “Purchase” button, spend a few extra minutes looking for a promotion code. You might find a code for free shipping or 20% off your entire purchase, or something even better!

To me, the money I might save is worth a little bit of extra online time.


Seno said...

Wow, thanks for share it.

Laurie McMahon said...

hi kelly,

i have another online shopping tip. do you use it's a website that pays you a percentage of your online purchases back in cash. all you have to do is register (if you say i referred you, i get $5!) and shop "through" it whenever you shop. there are thousands of participating stores and they even have coupon codes. i've gotten hundreds of dollars back just for shopping : )

Kelly Seiler said...

Thanks Laurie! I'm going to check it out - and maybe write a post on it! Thanks for the info. What do I need to do to say your referred me?

Anonymous said...

I forget exactly how you do the referral but it but it's somewhere in the registration process - happy shopping : )

Kelly Seiler said...

I need your email address to do it.

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