One naked brother

Apr 12, 2009

On Christmas Eve, the kids were getting ready for bed. Bennett (age 2) was already in his bed (as was the baby) and so I was helping his sister, Jordan (age 6), get ready. She was in her bed, waiting for me to come read to her, when Bennett called out that he had to "go potty." Thus, I went and got him and took him to the bathroom. We stripped him naked, from the waist down, and he did his business.

Well, once he was done, I told him to go to his room to get changed again. On his way there, though, he spotted Jordan laying in her bed, waiting for me. He rushed towards her, calling out, "Jordan, HUG!"

She looked at him (and his naked bottom) with such complete and utter disgust and, in no uncertain terms she announced, "You are not putting that penis on my bed."

If only the poor girl knew she has a liftetime ahead of her where she'll get to say those same exact words! :-)


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