Late to my own baby delivery

Apr 12, 2009

This past May, I gave birth to baby #3. This is how it went . . .

Why is it that things just never seem to go smoothly for me??? My c-section was scheduled for 10 am on Tuesday. I had been told this numerous times by my dr’s office and her nurse. We discussed (again, numerous times) that I should be there by 8 am. Anyway, I was up at 5:30, got dressed and packed and was in the midst of getting the kids ready at 6:30 am. The plan was that my inlaws would take Jordan (age 5) to school at 8 am and then head to the hospital and Rob and I would take Bennett (age 22 months) to school at 7 am on our way to the hospital. My parents were just going to meet us there before the surgery.

Anyway, at 6:30 am the phone rang. I thought it must be my parents or some friends calling to wish us luck. I answered it and it was the hospital calling. They told me that my c-section was scheduled for 8 am and that I was already a half hour late! I almost passed out. I said, “No, I was told it was scheduled for 10 am and to GET there at 8 am.” The nurse apologized and said it must be a mistake on their end and we got off the phone. But, I decided not to leave it to chance and so I called my dr’s office and had her paged and she called me back. She said, “Hey, Kelly. What’s up?” I said, “I’m just checking to make sure that you have my surgery down for 10 am.” She paused and said, “No, I have it down for 8 am.” AAAAGH!!!

I told her what I had been told and that now I was already 45 minutes late and the hospital was a good 20 minutes away (WITHOUT rush hour traffic!) She told me to jump in the car and start driving.

So, that’s what I did. I told Rob, “I gotta go!” He couldn’t leave with me because the inlaws hadn’t come over yet. Poor Jordan barely got to say goodbye to me. I kissed her and said, “Mommy’s leaving to have the baby!” and ran out the door. I hadn’t even gotten Bennett out of his crib yet!

I got in Rob’s car only to realize he had NO gas in it – we hadn’t been planning on taking his car to the hospital. So, I had to stop and get gas first and then I hopped on the highway – which, by then, was PACKED with cars for rush hour. I then proceeded to cry – sob, really – the WHOLE WAY there. I was thinking, “Not only am I late to my own surgery, but there is NO WAY Rob is going to make it” – and, as many of you know, I don’t do very well during c-sections. I have bad panic attacks when I feel like I can’t breathe. So, here I am, crying as I drive the car in rush hour, worried that even if they find time to still “fit me in” to the hospital and my doctor’s schedule and take the baby out today, Rob won’t be there for it. In addition, I had to call my parents and ask them to head toward my house to get Bennett and take him to school since my inlaws didn’t know where he went. And, for some reason, both my inlaws cell phones were busy, so I couldn’t reach them to ask them to head over any earlier than the planned 7 am. Rob, from what I hear, did his best to rush the kids into getting ready faster (not an easy task in our house!) Jordan kept telling him that “Mommy said I didn’t have to get dressed until Nana got here!” – which had been the truth when I thought all was going along with my pre-planned schedule!

Anyway, when that was all taken care of, I decided to call my friend, Michele, to ask her to pray that it would all work out and to help calm me down. I dialed her number as I drove and she answered the phone. It sounded like I just woke her up and so I said, “Michele?” She said, “yes.” I said, “Are you awake?” She said, “yes,” at which point I started to sob even harder, telling her how I was late for my surgery, how I was driving myself to give birth, how Rob was going to miss it, etc. I went on and on when suddenly she said, “Who is this again?” Oh My Gosh. I said, “Isn’t this Michele?” She said, very sweetly, “No, sweetheart. I think you have the wrong number.”

Are you kidding me?

Could the day possibly get any worse????

I eventually arrived at the hospital, found a spot in the parking garage and ran in – still sobbing. When the front desk realized that I was headed toward labor and delivery they kept telling me they’d get me a wheelchair. I had to promise them that I was NOT in labor – just late to my own delivery.

I got to the right floor and then had to check in. The guy at admissions must have thought I was a nutcase. It didn’t take long, though, for the two nurses who were “assigned” to me for the delivery to find me and calm me down. They kept reassuring me that the doctor knew I was there, that she was on her way, that they’d get me into the OR as quickly as possible, that everything would be alright, etc.

Then, the guy at admissions asked me if my husband would be there for the birth and I started to sob all over again!

To make a long story even longer . . . all turned out fine. Rob showed up just in the knick of time. My doctor told me she was glad she had the extra time to go get herself a cup of coffee and Maclain (that's our new son) made his appearance at 8:46 am, nearly an hour and a half before I even thought I’d be entering the operating room.

In actuality, I was the calmest I have ever been during a delivery – how ironic.

The hospital stay was pretty relaxing. I got a lot of sleep, watched a lot of HGTV and bonded with my new little boy. (Who, by the way, is yet another blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby.) How does that happen????


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