A Fieldtrip For Mommy

Jul 29, 2009

Joy, in its purest form, can be witnessed on the face of a little boy when he sees a fire truck. Let him climb all over one and pretend to "drive it" - well, you'll have his love forever.

I took my two boys to a fire station a few months ago and we had a blast. My two year old was in heaven, getting to see the firemen's kitchen. (Did you know that, in some fire stations, when the "alarm" goes off, the stoves automatically turn off? Can't risk the fire station going up in flames while they're all out putting out another fire!) We also were able to see where the fire men sleep (they had fire engine comforters - no joke.) And, of course, best of all, there was the fire truck (or, as I was corrected by a firefighter friend of mine - a fire ENGINE.) My son must have climbed in one side of that vehicle and out the other no less than five times. And then, they let him "drive." Happy, happy boy is all I can say.
Even the baby - an 11-month-old BOY - was enthralled and pleased to watch and squeal from the viewpoint of his stroller.

This was not my first trip to a fire station with kids. (My daughter's first grade class went to one earlier this year.) And, though these fire men, on our most recent trip, were very nice, helpful and friendly, they were, well . . . a little bit older than the ones on the last visit. Perhaps it was because this visit was to the firehouse in the suburbs and last time we went to the downtown Austin city firestation. But, let's just say that after seeing those young and hot, hot, hot firemen the fist time, I could see why all the Mommies signed up to chaperone.

During our last fire station visit, one of the firemen put on his full fire gear during the presentation to the kids (mask and all) and told the children that if they are ever in a fire and see someone dressed like this coming towards them, to not be afraid but to go to them because they are there to save you. Then, the fireman said, "Now, who would like to touch Fireman Bob?" One of the 1st grade teachers raised her hand enthusiastically and said, "I would! I would!"

At the end of the firehouse tour, all of the firemen slid down the fire pole, one after the other, for the kids to see and we all took pictures. When they were done, a mom said to them, "Okay, now. Could you do that again, but this time, with your shirts off?"

Oh, yes. The dads all think that the moms take their little children to the firehouse for a learning experience, but I'm letting you in on a little secret. The little boys aren't the only ones with joyous looks on their faces! A trip to the fire station is a field trip that all of the mommies can't wait to take, too!


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